Summer clothing: tips and tricks

There is specific clothing for runners in every season, designed to provide an optimal session and to make the runner feel comfortable. At the hottest times of the year, it is important to wear clothing that facilitates transpiration, making our running as efficient as possible, since there are many seasonal factors that put us at a disadvantage in the search for performance and stamina.

Here is our recommendation for a ‘typical’ outfit for the summer season, from head to toe.
The feet are largely dependent on shoes which provide stability, the right amount of cushioning and which are suitable for your level of running and the type of training you are doing, rather than the season itself. As far as socks are concerned, there are versions available in specialist shops which help with aerating your feet, especially around the soles.

Shorts should be short, giving freedom of stride and general ease of movement. Some people prefer classic running shorts whilst others prefer cycling shorts to prevent irritation from chafing of the thighs. Other types of shorts (non-technical) are also good, as long as they are made of light and breathable material and guarantee optimal mobility. Under the shorts, boxers are a no-no, briefs are acceptable.

On the upper half of the body, people typically wear a T-shirt or vest, made of breathable fabric. For women a crop-top made from technical material is also widely use. In summer, it is natural to sweat so we need to wear clothing that facilitates perspiration and which does not further increase body temperature, exposing us to significant risks.

Your head and eyes should also be protected, although many runners end up underestimating this aspect. A peaked cap will protect us from the summer heat reducing the risk of sunburn, plus it is useful to protect the eyes with sports sunglasses.
Of course, clothing is only one part of the many summertime precautions which runners of all levels need to bear in mind. These include: avoiding the hottest times of the day, eating and hydrating correctly and choosing the right routes.

FIDAL Instructor Lorenzo Andreini

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