The correct choice of materials for running

Several factors should be considered in choosing the clothing to be used for each session.

Naturally, it should always be comfortable. If a garment loses any comfort, it should be discarded regardless.

The shoes must be suitable for the type of session we are planning.

It’s best to have a light shoe that offers good reactivity on the ground for going on fast workouts. The foot must be free to make its natural twists by taking advantage of the elastic response.

When tackling courses with gradients or otherwise uneven tracks, we can protect ourselves with a more structured shoe, but let’s remember that we have to run… so we must not use shoes that block the foot, hindering its natural action.

The choice of sock is very subjective, but in general it is best to feel the foot, so the sock should be thin.

The choice between leggings or shorts depends not only on the temperatures, but also on the type of training.

In case of a gentle pace, we can cover ourselves a little more, but if we push ourselves it’s best to have more freedom of movement.

The same goes for the torso. Covering up when it’s cold is fine, but we must keep the arms and shoulders free to move, otherwise the mechanics will suffer.

When we are not moving freely, we affect our running dynamics and we end up doing more work.

Many runners use glasses, caps, headbands, fanny packs etc., and these objects can be useful, but we cannot be generic in their purchase.

For example, a fanny pack that moves around, a pair of glasses that alter the view of the ground, a hat that hinders your vision while going around a bend etc., these are all elements that can disrupt our normal running action.

A runner’s small problems can become big problems.

A stride is repeated hundreds of times on the ground, so if it isn’t done right, the damage immediately becomes enormous. Even small imperfections can lead to significant consequences.

Direct experience in the field, learning from reading or advice from trainers all help in understanding what to use for running, in terms of weather conditions and our subjective preferences.

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