When the body is well and in shape…?!

When we do sport we start to feel that our body is alive, energetic, alert and so we are motivated to give more and more and to take care of it!
To take care of your body you need to understand what to assess: height, weight, waist size, mass, etc. But let’s start with the simplest things that we can do on our own to get to know ourselves:

  • We can measure our waist size: for women it should be less than 80 cm and under 94 cm for men.
  • We can work out our Body Mass Index (BMI) calculated as a ratio: (weight (kg)/height (m2); values between 18.5 and 24.9 tell us that we our weight is normal. Other values (< or >) may possibly indicate being underweight or varying degrees of obesity.

If these values are already making you think that you could really do with getting yourself healthy and in shape we can go into more detail, with the help of a specialist in the field, through with skin fold examination and bioimpedance to assess the water balance of your body, your baseline metabolism, fat mass and lean mass.

This means we can really get to know our bodies and take care of them with targeted nutrition and physical activity!

Every person and every constitution needs something specific which is very important for achieving any objective.

Nutritionist Biologist Francesca Fontanelli/Santucci Running

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