Organising your training

Every period of physical exercise should have a goal. This should include ways of achieving an adjustment. As a generalisation, we could argue that 80% of training should be directed to the development of the qualities required for that period, whilst the remaining 20% instead should be used to maintain the qualities acquired previously so as to achieve future consolidation.

Care should be taken, however, that the “revision” does not disturb the specific work for the period, so they must be designed so that specific training can be carried out without problems.
In essence, they must intersect naturally without altering the delicate stress and release systems that support the productive progress of a training program.
If the methods are wrong, there is a risk of creating a lethal cocktail. Out of fear of losing something, in fact, you could even up including a little bit of everything.
The coach and athlete must have everything clear in their minds, otherwise it is better to follow a more linear course.
Making a hotchpotch, that is a training program which requires completely opposing qualities, gives terrible results in the short-term and even worse in the near future.
The keyword is organisation. Everything must be made clear by drawing up a long-term plan; then, depending on the situation over the period, the details can be fine-tuned.
However, there is only one way forward and the less we deviate from that, the better the performance outcomes will be.

With the correct structure even workouts, which are not completely successful, will be more easily metabolised. However, where there is no base plan, it only takes a little to bring everything crumbling down and periods of form will be harder to achieve and will last for less time.

The advice is therefore, even for those who do not follow a specific training table and compete every weekend, is to organise your activities better. Depending on the type of race you have run, you will have to think about how to include training sessions during the week which do not mimic the stimulus from the race (although this could be the start of a whole new chapter).
Just understand the right dynamics to organise yourself and avoid unnecessary mistakes. The basis for development must be an understanding of the principles that govern our sport.

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