Core Training

It is customary to say that a solid house must have a solid foundation. The same applies to a project, an investment and so on.
It is important to prepare the body to perform a sports movement properly, providing basic effectiveness and solidity, regardless of performance, although this will certainly have an effect on that too, in a surprisingly positive way. Let’s introduce the concept of “core”.
When we talk about “core”, we refer to a set of muscles belonging to the pelvic floor, lumbar muscles, abdominal muscles, and buttocks.
The core’s function is to provide central stability and thus ensure a number of benefits: from the development of greater limb strength and benefits to posture, to the reduction of muscle injuries and injuries in general.
Especially in running, a weak core can be an easy accomplice of back pain and an altered shock absorption capacity, with consequences on the whole body’s balance.
Core training is developed on this basis, i.e. training the core muscles.
Let’s start by saying that it is important to be followed by your coach when you perform these exercises, as many of them require continuous correction during the exercises.
A very well known and easy to perform exercise is without a doubt the plank. This isometric exercise does not require specific equipment (perhaps a mat, as it is performed on the floor), and provides benefits to the abdominal wall but not only, involving several regions.

The exercise is performed on the ground, starting in a position lying flat on your stomach. Raise yourself with your forearms and toes as the points of contact with the ground: bend your arms at a right angle, your body must maintain a straight-line position as best possible, avoiding lowering (or raising) your pelvis. In your first approach with the core training you should maintain this position for about 20 seconds. Later your trainer may have you perform series or increase the isometric contraction time.
Core training uses many other exercises that contribute to developing all the benefits listed above.

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