When you start out on a sporting journey, whatever else it is, it is without doubt a new relationship with your body. Of course it is!

When you do sport and move more you definitely feel more energetic, relaxed and fit. Sport is also about feeling better and doing things willingly! When we do sport, our bodies undergo a physical force and so, just like a machine in good working order, it needs to work to its full potential…and it’s here that diet plays a very important role: food nourishes every part of our biological machine, but it’s important to know how to choose the right foods, and to combine and vary them to make sure we get all the nutrients we need.

Doing sport doesn’t mean going on a diet (how frightening this word can be, right?). Think of the word ‘diet’ as ‘lifestyle’, and this is the concept we’re referring to: create the right lifestyle at the table too, in the same way as being physically active will become a lifestyle.

This way, we’re certain of having two ingredients which go hand in hand and which, together, are able to best express the power of the human body. Alongside these two pillars, it’s also important to consider all the other aspects that can help us gain or lose points in reaching the precious wellbeing we’d all like to achieve: stress, posture, sleep, relaxation… Certainly doing sport and eating a healthy, balanced and varied diet helps a lot in all these aspects of life, so all we have to do is get started…and so BRING A BIT OF KNOWLEDGE TO THE TABLE, find out more about what we eat, treat food properly, calmly accept any “slip-ups”, look for the right energy in food, enjoy and share food, and, above all, eat for nourishment…in this way, your body (and much more besides!) will thank you by making you feel like you’re performing better!


Dr. Francesca Fontanelli, Biologist-Nutritionist

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