The importance of fats

You need to be aware of what you eat in order to understand the importance of good nutrition… and particularly if you practise sport!
This month we will talk about fats: excellent allies especially in winter! We make use of all their properties when the temperatures are low and we yearn for summer! 
Fats are essential in any diet because they perform important functions in our body, playing a part in processes that involve the immune, cardiovascular and renal system!
They also represent the main source of energy in our body: they are used while we are at rest and during long-term and low-intensity exercise; the energy reserves are released more slowly (compared to those of carbohydrates!) and are, therefore, of less importance for short-term activity.
Some types of fats play an important role in sports: these are essential fatty acids, namely OMEGA (3 and 6) fats. These help to prevent the formation of free radicals (to which we are most exposed during intense physical exercise!). They perform an anti-inflammatory action and are effective in reducing muscle pain after exercise.
So pick up your pens… here is a list of good fats: anchovies – fresh sardines – mackerel – salmon – walnuts – almonds – pine nuts – hazelnuts – linseed oil – extra virgin olive oil – pumpkin seeds – sunflower seeds.
Beware however of “enemy” fats which should be consumed in moderation: sausages – red meat – dairy products and derivatives – bakery products – packaged foods – processed foods!
Run well and on the right food!

Francesca Fontanelli
Nutritional biologist

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