The importance of having a hydrated body

With the arrival of the first sun we already feel the need to discover our body… we warm up more easily and immediately feel how our body requires liquids! But how can we stay hydrated and properly replenish leaks of mineral salts and liquids through sweat?

The main thing to always have a hydrated body is to drink regularly throughout the day. Very often it happens that we drink only at meals or a few glasses of tea or herbal tea during the day without realizing that we drink little or not enough for what our body may actually require.

Surely there is not an ideal amount for everyone (…the famous 1.5-2l of water per day!) because each of us has specific and personal needs. What then can be effective is to listen to our body and drink when you are thirsty, remembering that when the stimulus is felt it means that we are already dehydrated (1-2%).

The best way to stay hydrated is to drink natural water. In the winter period are fine also herbal teas so we can also benefit from their heating power. In summer, fruit and/or vegetable extracts are excellent, containing salts and sugars suitable for restoring the correct water structure of the body (perfect as post-workout make-up!).

If we are subject to a lot of sweating it is important to replenish with a type of water that contains a good percentage of mineral salts: I therefore invite you to read the value of fixed residue that you find on the label of the water you consume. In this case, a fixed residue of at least 180 mg/l is ideal.

Sweating does not mean losing fat! Sweat removes toxins, liquids and salts, which is why reintegration is essential.

In addition, having a hydrated body allows us to maintain a radiant and supple skin!

Good racing!

Francesca Fontanelli, Nutritional Biologist

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